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Putting a story course together, building engaging learning experiences, this course walks through two examples of story and learning experience creation. 

Case Studies


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Case Studies:

Are you looking to build story learning experiences for your team and organization?  

This course steps through two examples of learning experience 
creation with story and how they can impact engagement, learning, and development.

A story experience that offers perspective and sympathy

For employees and managers

An onboarding journey complete that offers perspectives to the new hire and the supporting team. 

For onboarding new hires and hiring managers

Frequently Asked Questions

What are these digital learning experiences?

Our approach to this learning experience design emphasizes the importance of building sustainable growth from learning experiences that go beyond an initial burst of speed. We recognize the learner's perspective as a starting point and develop a learning path, story, or journey to move the learner toward more informed judgment and decision-making based upon confidence in the knowledge conveyed. 

How were these learning experiences created?

This course was created using gomo learning authoring and other tools to develop an html5 learning experience that is engaging, dynamic, and responsive. Unlike many learning experiences, this one functions more like a true web experience on any device. If you like to learn more about how to create these experiences, we have a lot of great resources on our website, and you can always contact us about development opportunities.  

What is Forwarding.Work?

This course is part of our Forwarding.Work initiative. We are taking what we have learned over the last 15 years working to engage employees, work remotely, develop talent and onboarding, and develop online learning and offering experiences to help. These learning experiences are offered for free and are available for your organization to incorporate into your learning systems. Got a question, an idea, just ask.

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